Historical Online Poker Traffic Report
stats for 2006 (May 03, 2006 to December 31, 2006)

Poker Stars 70136 50005 112772 10556 7422 16440
Full Tilt Poker 14777 5001 35451 4541 2363 8328
Ultimate Bet 13414 5275 20800 1653 641 2656
Paradise Poker 7880 1357 17336 1016 124 2160
Absolute Poker 9413 3032 17123 1460 466 2634
Titan Poker 4499 808 9656 398 97 711
InterPoker 3779 402 8351 1400 112 3645
CelebPoker 3117 245 7689 625 62 1743
Pacific Poker 3717 280 6762 693 220 1124

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  • All times are based on Pacific Standard Time. Our current date and time is January 20, 2018 at 02:50 pm PST.
  • All data is based on total logged in players and total active tables as self-reported by the online poker sites.
  • Data is not verified; it is provided as a free service for entertainment purposes only.
  • Poker rooms are being added from time-to-time, so please check back often.

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Bar Graph Showing Stats for Players and Tables

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Pie Chart Showing Market Share Based on Average Number of Players