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To provide objective independent information and compilations of data useful to the online poker community, in a clean, simple format devoid of unnecessary banners, advertisements, gawdy graphics and other distractions.

About Us

Epokertraffic.com has been established by a group of internet poker enthusiasts who feel that there is far too much hype and inaccurate information about online poker, much of it generated by affiliates of the poker sites and others having a purely profit motive.

Our goal is to provide objective independent information and compilations of data, in a clean, simple format devoid of any unnecessary banners, graphics and other distractions.

There is already a lot of information readily available directly from the poker room web sites; such as types of games offered, first time sign up bonuses, deposit options, jackpots and so on. We provide direct links to those poker sites whenever possible so visitors can obtain that information direct from the source.

Once information from the poker rooms is considered, we feel that the next logical step is to compare the size of the site, since it is usually a good indicator of what sites have the best offerings, variety of games and tournaments, smooth software and pleasant graphics. Of course, the larger sites are also more likely to be financially responsible and trustworthy, as well as being better able to weather any legal or regulatory changes.

We also run ClubWager.net.

ClubWager.net aggregates news stories, blog posts and other poker information from a wide variety of poker sites, and sets it out in lists of titles with excerpts, and link it to the full content. Everything is constantly monitored and updated in near real-time (new items are marked with a small "new" image). A few minutes is all it takes to stay up-to-date on all the latest poker news, blogs and buzz.

We hope this site will be a useful resource for internet poker players to make an informed decision about where to play.

Thank you for your interest.

Dave Dale

Online Poker... Does Size Matter?
Press Release, April 28, 2006
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