Site Accessibility

We strive to make this site as easy to use as possible for all visitors and fully accessible to those with disabilities. We welcome all comments and suggestions.

Accessibility Features

You can add certain special accessibility features to this website by selecting the "accessible" style in the side menu of any page. Doing so will:

  1. make the accesskey for any links that have an accesskey assigned, bold and larger within the link (in modern browsers the accesskey is also displayed in brackets after the link - in black color, unless it has been visited, in which case it will show in a muted gray color.
  2. highlight abbreviations and headings,
  3. make font sizes larger and darker (for greater contrast),
  4. add this image after offsite links to indicate it is a link to an external web site not a part of

Access keys

People with limited mobility may have a hard time controlling a mouse to click on links, and tabbing through menus can be slow going. Accesskeys enable users to select links using the appropriate key on their keyboards.

To select the link:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer users type ALT+Accesskey,
  • Google Chrome users type ALT+Accesskey,
  • Firefox users type SHIFT+ALT+Accesskey,
  • Mac users type CTRL+Accesskey.

Sometimes, you need to press the "enter" key to use the selected link.

Below is a list of all static links on our website with their corresponding access keys.


Tab indexing

Using the tab key on the keyboard is another useful way to move through menus, links and form elements. Tabbing order is set by the browser, except that on our pages that contain forms, we have set the tab order to start at the first form element and then proceed in order through each of the form elements and the submit button.


You can use the drop down menu at the bottom center of every page to translate this website into the language you prefer using the google translation service.